Zoho SalesIQ Integration - Widget Doesn't Appear

Is anyone else having trouble using the TagoRUN Zoho SalesIQ integration?

I haven’t been able to find the “Enable Visitor Tracking” as specified in the https://docs.tago.io/en/articles/251-zoho-salesiq instructions?

I’ve already found and added the key.

Are many people trying to use this functionality?

Ey @iot1!

Recently another user reported the same problem, and we’re currently investigating this issue.
As soon we have an update I’ll let you know!

Thanks for reporting that!

Phil Gutierre

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Hi Phil,

I think that might have been me as well :smiley:

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Oh, so it’s you :wave:

I’ll keep you posted!


Hi @iot1

We just replied to your open ticket, hope that information helps you. Can I close this topic?


It might be helpful to keep it running. We’re wondering if anyone else in the community has had similar issues to us. It seems you’ve been unable to re-create the issue yourselves.

We still can’t get the integration working, unfortunately.

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Ey @iot1

You’re right. And yes, our team couldn’t reproduce the same issue. I suggest you check if there are some restrictions for unpaid accounts that might be stopping you to advance.

Anyway, If you need more assistance, let us know!