White Label Reports

With the white label feature it is possible to generate a report containing the information: username, date and time when the dashboards were viewed?


Tulio Souza

Hi @tulio.souza, you can see when your RUN user created the account under the User Management. We are planning to add a service that will basically do what you asked, such as to see how long the user was logged and where. We will keep you posted.

Hi @tulio.souza good news for you! We are testing a new feature in our TagoRUN that allows to track the dashboards that the users accessed, when , and for how long. Something like Google Analytics that you can also integrate with your CRM software.
Let me know if you want to participate in our Beta test. We will be glad to get your feedback. :wink:

Thanks @fabioer for quicly response and great news of it! For sure, it will be a pleasure to colaborate for Beta test version . Let me know when will be avaliable this feature in my profile.


Tulio Souza

Hi @tulio.souza the Integration for Google Analytics has been released and is available for everyone now. Take a look at this documentation : https://docs.tago.io/en/articles/250
I hope it meets your expectations.