Variables on infobox (map widget )

Hi, I’m working with a map widget and I want to know if its possible to show only one variable (the location of the device) on the infobox. I added another variable on the same widget only to modify the pin icon in the map, but I don’t want to show it on the infobox.

Hey @scostantino,
There is a way to hide some variables of the infobox.

Let’s say you have the following information appearing on the infobox:


To hide one of the variables, edit your Map widget and head over to -> Infobox Configuration

Inside this page, you have the possibility to show infobox variables as text or as an icon. If you choose an icon, you can supply conditions to change the icon based on the variable’s value.

The trick here is to use an icon and set the condition to something that will never occur. Notice how I set the variable2 field to appear as an icon, but its value will never be equal to ‘test’.

Now, when you access the map you will see that only one of the variables are being shown. The variable2 is not appearing because the icon condition doesn’t match.


Hope this helps!

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