Using selective data retention in buckets

Data Retention

Currently, you can use data retention to optimize your account usage and clear old data that doesn’t have anymore utility for you. But, there is some variables that always will be useful on your application, these variables shouldn’t be deleted and must be present on your buckets to have everything up and running. To help here, TagoIO made created the option to select the variables for data retention in your account.

Using selective data retention for setup variables

Imagine an application that stores temperature_limit and humidity_limit along with a setup variable. Those variables can have been sent years ago, but they need to be present on the application, while the other variables like temperature and humidity data doesn’t need to be maintained for more than 30 days. Data is retained in the bucket for 30 days, like the image below:

So, we are going to uncheck the option “Apply data retention rule” for the setup, temperature_limit and humidity_limit variables. Check below the image showing how the bucket for this application is set to use selective data retention in variables that require this feature.

Simple like that, you can use selective data retention to make sure your application is always up and running while you optimize the usage of your account. Any questions? Reply this post and I will be glad to help you :smile: