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I’m relatively new to the world of IoT and the platform. I’m an IT student and for my final project for my diploma I have to design an exercice for 100 students for a new course for my school about IoT. The exercice consists of each student adding a device to a Network Server ( using Swisscom LPN ) and then integrate it with to create some dashboards. The main problem is that the Network Server doesn’t have rights\users management, so I can’t let random students use this plateform to do the integrations between the 2 platforms.

I’ve come up with a solution and my questions is if it’s a viable one or if offers any other possiblity.

So my solutions is :

I’ve created an account for the school and we bought the starter plan, allowing us 100 users and devices. I thought about creating 100 profiles each with an authorization. With each authorization I would create a route in the Network server.

and then I would share each profile with a respective student allowing the authorization to be used by the student.

Here is the documentation to integrate Swisscom LoRaWAN with that I used : How to integrate TagoIO with Swisscom LoRaWAN NS

I hope my explanation was clear enough :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance,
Joel Caetano

Hi @joel.pintocaetano, welcome to our community!

You have a very interesting study going on, we’re glad you are using TagoIO for that!

Joel, soon our team or users will help you with that!

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Phil Gutierre

Hi Joel,

yes its totally feasible. See this example with something similar to what you’ve described:

Hi @guilhermeco,

After testing it out, my solution to create 100 profiles and share it with the students is simply to costly, as each profile is 39.-USD. So I have gave up the idea. Is there any other solutions?

Thanks you :slight_smile: ,

Hi Joel,

You can go with the approach to use one single profile with multiple users, and limit access for them.

For example. In that application screenshot I’ve sent to you, a Admin (you) can create multiple student for example, then you create an entity (lets say Organization) and grant them access. Of course that this will be only useful for the RUN portal.

The idea is for you to limit access when they log into RUN. You can make it possible for then to create devices, inside that organization, set up alerts, generate reports and so on…

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