Using Form to capture parameters from users

Input Form

Currently, there are several ways to receive data from users through TagoIO dashboards. A practical way for this task is to use the Input Form widget. You can create a widget with fields of various types according to the data you want to get from the user.

Using form to capture parameters from users

Imagine that you have an application with dynamic parameters, those parameters can be set according to the user’s decisions. So, if you are using the input form for example, you can create it with all the parameters you need on your application. The widget will be available for the user on the dashboard and when the user send the form all the parameters will be sent to the bucket. Check the example below:

This was a simple example just to show that you can use the input form as an easy way for get parameters from users, or any other variables you want!
If you have any questions make sure to reply this post and I will be happy to help you! :slightly_smiling_face: