Unable to receive data from TTN

I have managed to program my Arduino mkr1300 to send data to TTN. I have followed the instructions on how to integrate TTN with Tago but no data is rceived in Tago after I have sent data from my Arduino to TTN. Where should I start to debug this? How can I be certain that data leaves TTN and how can I be certain that they reach Tago? Any help appreciated.

Hi, I do not need help anymore, I figured out what was wrong!!. The reason it did not work was that I keyed in the Authorization name in the TTN setup instead of pasting it from the paste buffer. The Authorization is actually a long string of hex numbers, not just the name you enter the first time in the Tago screen. You need to copy it into the buffer when you fill out the Tago screen and paste it later when you fill inn the TTN screen.

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