Two variables - Formula

Hi Guys,

This is probably a really simple one, but I’m struggling to understand how to link two variables together in the Formula section.

Basically I have a people counter, and need to subtract the In value with the Out - for current occupancy

When the formula source is set to variable, and the other value I want to use the ability to create a formula is lost?

Hi @dmarshplas,

That’s not possible through formula.

Formula is when you want to apply a calculation on the variable value, but it make calculations only on that value.

Here for example I have a formula applied to take the variable’s value and apply a Fahrenheit to Celsius converter.

If you want to build something similar to what you’re expecting you will need to create an analysis which needs a action to trigger whenever you receive a variable “people counter” or something like that.

Guilherme Oliveira

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