Trigger Unlock - what is it good for?

I common question that I receive about the Actions is 'When do I need to set the field ‘Trigger Unlock?’ First, you need to know that Trigger Unlock is used to avoid that your Action will be continuously triggered when the ‘Trigger’ condition is met.

If you set any condition in the Trigger Unlock field and a Trigger condition is met, the system will be Locked, and it will NOT check any trigger conditions until the the Trigger Unlock condition is met.


1.If you want to send an e-mail when temperature > 50C and don’t fill the ‘Trigger Unlock’, you will receive an email for each time a value from the sensor is above 50 C, so it may be very inconvenient, because you probably just want to receive 1 e-mail (and not receive an email for value 50C, another for 51C, 52C…)
In this case you could set the Trigger Unlock < 45C for example. For that, the Action will send only 1 email when temperature is > 50C and then it will lock. Only when the temperature is back to a value < 45C is that it will check the trigger conditions again.

  1. If you want to run a script from Analysis each time a certain variable arrives at TagoIO you probably will not set a Trigger Unlock. In this case, the Action [Run Analysis] will always be called when the Trigger condition is match as they trigger will never lock.

I hope this explanation helps to clarify how the Trigger Unlock option works and when to use it :wink: