Timeout of 60000ms

Hi all, i have an issue occurred now that my analysis is more complex:

Error: timeout of 60000ms exceeded
    at createError (/home/catinotm/node-server/lora-analysis/node_modules/axios/lib/core/createError.js:16:15)
    at Timeout.handleRequestTimeout (/home/catinotm/node-server/lora-analysis/node_modules/axios/lib/adapters/http.js:252:16)

Just after 60sec since the starting of data processing i saw the above error.
Have you any suggestion about it? Can i increase the timeout in anyway?

Hi @mcatinoto,

You should run your analysis using the External option to run it.
Then you will be free from the 60sec run by TagoIO, and you won’t get the timeout message, because you are running your analysis from your computer.

I looked at the documentation, and I found this information, it may help you.

Click on the link to read the complete documentation: Creating Analysis

See you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Aline, thanks for your reply, but this doesn’t solve the issue, because i have already tested my application both with internal Tago.io (where i don’t see any error in the log) and running external on my PC.
Investigating more, i saw that the issue happen randomly on one of many variable insertions with

await Device.Insert(…)

I saw for example inserting n variables:
await Device.Insert(var1…)
await Device.Insert(var2…)
await Device.Insert(varN…)

That randomically while some of the variables are inserted correctly, one of them is never inserted (and so, the value is not refreshed on the Dashboard Widget),

The error that i receive after 60.000ms is caused by this variable that is not processed.

Maybe that Payloads arriving too frequently can influence the processing of others that in meantime are managed by my Analysis? Or have you any suggestion about to check better this issue?

I have just another question, that can help me to have a cleaner code:
Can i use Functions/Procedures in the same code of my Async Analysis(…)?
Have you any example of it?


Hi @mcatinoto,

If you are getting timeout and you are running EXTERNAL analysis. Probably the problem is the network into your server/computer. Could you check if your connection is working fine?

If you run it into TagoIO you won’t get this error anymore.

Fabiano Eger