Tago Wishlist Items

Adding a few items here that I feel can vastly improve the platform. It is possible some of these already exist or planned to be included.

  1. Run Analysis on Dashboard load: This will provide an excellent way to handle metadata display

  2. Allow Normal Dashboard tab to have Blueprint type behavior.

  3. Script include - many analysis might be using the same type of code over and over again. Is there a way to create canned functions and then call them from different analysis?

  4. Formula for dynamic table: Please allow the same column to be added to the dynamic table multiple times with different formula. Currently it is not allowed, and produces an error on save. Although, you can add the same column but the formula gets overwritten.

  5. Custom widget: It is great it can load custom html, but again this widget can only accept a device as input. If it could accept a JSON object from an Analysis and that could be used as a parameter for the HTML, it would be an excellent feature.

  6. Object data store: A device independent multidimensional and hierarchical object data store will be very helpful.

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Hi @sanimesa,

Thank you for your feedback, I’m the software architect at TagoIO, and I will take your notes to the next roadmap meeting.

The item (2) about dashboard behavior, it’s already on the roadmap, when the blueprint is complete and out of beta, we will starting to migrate all normal dashboard to look and feel as amazing blueprint dashboard, we have to deal with legacy compatibility because the format of the struct is deeply different, but we can do that soon.

About the item (3), you already can call analysis from another one, but I can see some improves there, I will talk with our application developers about it, also in next major release on analysis it will have versioning and a kind of web service to use as middleware, you will able to call analysis using UDP, TCP, HTTP port.

About the item (1), can you tell me more about it? example of uses? anyway, it looks interesting, but if you want to use that feature only to collect data of use, we are working on ideas of a page if all of that information.


About Item 1, if it was possible to trigger an analysis when a dashboard is opened by user, it could be useful in some situations, like getting a list of devices and their last update time etc.

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Hi @sanimesa , maybe the Google Analytics that is already integrated with TagoIO, may help you here. Using the ‘User Engagement’ options inside your RUN application, can allow you to track the end-user interaction.