Tago RUN without subdomain


Is it possible to setup Tago RUN directly on the required domain, without dedicated subdomain?
Let’s say we have example.com domain and we want to have Tago RUN directly under that address, WITHOUT anything extra (ex. NOT panel.example.com).
The form in the admin panel doesn’t seem to allow it; the subdomain field is mandatory. We also tried providing com as the domain and example as the subdomain, but then domain input validation complained, that com is not a valid domain name.


No, it’s not possible, because the domain registration doesn’t allow you to create a CNAME record on the root domain. the common solution for that problem is to register a TagoRun as www.example.com (using www as a subdomain), then you can create (on your side) the redirect from example.com to www.example.com. If your domain provider doesn’t follow rules from SOA, and allows you to create a CNAME record on the root domain, you can open a ticket to us, also if your domain is on AWS, maybe it can work too. We cannot guarantee those alternatives will work, anyway.

Sorry for that.