System output limit


I was using getData to query some data and I noticed a notification as below:

TagoIO Service Limit
Alert: Output reached 99% of the limit

I understand I have exceeded the ‘output’ limit for the acocunt but can someone explain what is an ‘output’ in the context of this limit. Is this the number of fields retrieved via commands such as getData/deleteData?

Just to clarify, I’m trying to work out how I went from near 0/hr to 25000/hr in one relatively simple script so I don’t do it again :slight_smile:

Hi Gary,

Get request queries has a limit of 10k every call. When you request to fetch data (GET) it will count each on your OUTPUT LIMIT.

So for example, a query where is fetch 10k data, it will count 10k on your output limit.

For input its easier to visualize, every 1 data sent by your device, it will count 1 on your INPUT LIMIT.


Hi Guilherme,

Just to clear:

On the output counter, is that one count per field or one per ‘record’.
So, in the example below, is this an output count of 100 or 200 (because we have asked for 2 variables)?

let myData = await device.getData(
variables: [‘position’, “gateway_location”],
qty: 100

On the input side, same question, is it per entire payload (say 10 variables with the same serie) or does each field count as an input?


Hi Gary,

you catch me there, I needed to check internally.

The answer is: If you request for 100 in your qty, it will count as 100.


Thanks Guilherme - we can work with that :slight_smile: