Sum of data for a selected time period?

Hi, is it possible to have a widget display the total of a variable over a time period specified by the widget?
So if I set the widget to show the last 7 days of a variable (lets say rainfall), the result is the total of the period displayed?

Hi @sevils,

Sorry for the answering delay. In order to accomplish that you’re going to need an analysis to run, get all the variables of your device and filter the ones which match the wanted period. I’ve coded that script for you with coments, you can run that script every time you want to display that sum or even increment it to do automatically, with actions or other approach.

const {
} = require("@tago-io/sdk");

const moment = require("moment-timezone");

async function handler(context) {
  context.log("Running Analysis");

  //enter the token of the wanted device 
  const device = await new Device({ token: "a9049d16-f528-4a39-9559-1232e21321312" });

  //choose the correct variable which you want to add
  const data = await device.getData({ variables: "temperature", qty: "9999" });

  //choose the number of days which will be the period
  const wanted_data = data.filter((x) => moment().diff(moment(x.time), "days") < 7);

  let sum = 0;

  wanted_data.forEach(x => sum = x.value + sum);

  //choose the variable which you want to store the result (it will be send to the same device which is being processed the sum, if you want to store in another device please instantiate other one)
  await device.sendData({variable: "sum", value: sum});


async function startAnalysis(context, scope) {
  try {
    await handler(context, scope);
  } catch (error) {
    context.log(error.message || JSON.stringify(error));

module.exports = new Analysis(startAnalysis);

// export default new Analysis(startAnalysis, { token: "****************" });

Let me know if it have worked for you! :slight_smile:

Guilherme Oliveira