Sigfox callback


I need to know if I can create a location variable directly on the Payload Parser, because I want to show a fixed pin on a Map Widget. Currently, I’m sending the location variable from the Sigfox Backend, but it don’t work correctly.

I will greatly appreciate your help.

Hello, Simón.

Yes, you can pass the location using the Payload Parser.
Every time that you send a variable to us, you can send its name and a location attribute or make the changes in the payload parser.
Below you can see an example of how the code should look like in the payload parser.

const location = payload.find(x => x.variable === "location");

if (location) {
  location.location = {
    lat: 42.2974279,
    lng: -85.628292

Let me know if this satisfies your needs.

Hi! It works, but now I have another problem. Using the map dashboard, the pin of each location I want to show does not respond to the color condition and I don’t know why.

Thanks for your help! your answer was really helpful

Hi, Simón.

A simple way to set the color is by adding it in the metadata of your variable.

  "variable": "location",
  "value": "My Address",
  "location": {
    "lat": 42.2974279,
    "lng": -85.628292
  "metadata": {
    "color": "green"

If this doesn’t solve your problem, can you please share more details about your condition e the way your data is sent to Tago?

I hope that this helps you.

I want to change the pin color using the value of another variable. I will try by this way, thanks!