Setting date/time ranges on charts dynamically

Is there a way to modify the start and end dates of a line chart dynamically?

We want to display additional details when user clicks on a custom button on a row of a dynamic table. How do we then access and modify properties of dashboard widgets from the analysis that is invoked?


Hi @sanimesa,

One way you could do it is by adding an input form with a calendar field (with end date enabled), set it to a variable like filter_date, and then use this variable in the chart configuration like this:


Here you can see a simple example with no dates chosen:

And now only getting the data from a certain range:

If I understood the second half of your question correctly, you could also make it so that the form itself runs an analysis if you want to have more control over the date selection for filtering the line chart, you just need to make it put the dates in the variable that you chose for this purpose in the chart’s configuration.

Thanks for contacting us! Let me know if this helps.