Set max scale to auto but not min

Is it possible to set a minimum scale of say “0”, but make the maximum dynamic? For example, a channel height sensor in a blueprint dashboard might vary from 0 to 10m. So I would like the y axis to show from zero to fit in whichever device is being observed.
Thanks in advance!

Hi @sevils,
Which widget are you talking about?
We have many widgets that use scales and minimum/maximum properties.

Let me know, and I’m sure we can figure something out!

Hi alinetsi, I have had a look at all the widgets, and they seem to have the option to have either “fixed” scaling or Metadata. What I’m chasing is “fixed minimum” but “auto maximum”. This is really helpful in blueprint dashboards so that we can “ground” at zero or whatever, but the upper level scales depending on which device is being viewed.

Hey @sevils
We don’t have the “fixed minimum” but “auto maximum” functionality implemented. The closest way to achieve this would be to use a variable’s metadata and set the ranges manually.

For example, you could set this as your configuration:

And then send this data:

And with that, you would receive something like this:

But with this approach you still would have to send the metadata values of the variable, so technically it wouldn’t be “auto maximum”.

I’ll talk to our team and suggest this feature to them.

Let me know if this helps you out in any way,

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