Serial number already in use BUT Device can't be found

Hi, I have a device that I created using a form (I’ve created numerous without an issue). For some reason, one of the devices created a bucket, but the device can’t be found. I can’t do anything with the device as it doesn’t show in the device list, and I can’t create a new device as the eui is showing as in use…here’s the analysis I’ve been using…

// Serial number already in use BUT Device can’t be found

const account = new Account({ token: envVars.account_token });

// Device ID = 5f6063ea65dffb002767cffe

// Serie Number = 70B3D5CD00020185

const info = await“5f6063ea65dffb002767cffe”);

I’m assuming something has been corrupted behind the scenes, and whether it’s going to be an ongoing issue or someone can delete the device for me?
When I open TagoIo, I get this message, obviously related to the device in question…

Hi @sevils I think I know what the problem is. This specific device has been used by someone before shipped to you. Maybe the manufacturer used in tests ? Can you check with your distributor or manufacturer ?
For security purpose, we cannot share the name of the account using the sensor. But, you can talk try with the supplier and ask them to remove from their account (or other account).

I hope it helps you.

Ahh, ok, that was it and they did already have the EUI already in use at their end…a follow up question is whether there is any way for me to see which device is already in use easily? The pop up is not particularly helpful in identifying the device in question.

Hi @sevils,
I’m sorry, but there is no other way to identify it… when this situation happens, you will need to talk with your distributor or manufacturer to check if the device was used in tests before.