Send JSON directly to API via webhook

I need to pull in a feed from an Iridium satellite via a JSON post. Here is a sample of the data I get sent.

[{"id":"0EFS2W0GV40Z6DK3FX1AMM0MPA","value":"{"iridium_session_status":0,"momsn":3,"data":"7b22483a2238312e30222c2254223a2231342e33227d","serial":200461,"iridium_latitude":33.0899,"iridium_cep":3.0,"JWT":"ey13vg","imei":"300434064021250","device_type":"ROCKBLOCK","transmit_time":"20-06-30 20","feed_id":1405961,"created_at":"2020-06-30T20:44:49.622Z"},{"id":"0EFYERP6H50VWDRREDBW31VFQB","value":"{"momsn":874,"data":"48656c6c6f21205468697320697320612074657374206d6573736167652066726f6d20526f636b424c4f434b21","serial":200461,"iridium_latitude":16.6266,"iridium_cep":94.0,"JWT":"eyrA","imei":"300434064021250","device","feed_id":1405961,"created_at":"2020-07-07T12:57:57.456Z"}]

The Satellite downlink has the ability to post this JSON block to an API, but I cannot work what the endpoint of the API is to receive this. I am not able to directly manage the headers sent.

I’m guessing I post it to something like:

And then I can parse that data above to get and decode the payload I need (it’s stored in the “data” blocks). That bit I understand.

Is there a full documentation of the API somewhere? Is there something I am missing in the setup of the device?

Hi @graemerae,
You can send the data to
This is the only route that allows you to specify a token without the header. It uses a Device-Token and not an Authorization code.
Here is the API documentation:
See you :slight_smile: