Send Downlink From Dashboard With Fixed Hidden Value to the User


I would like to send downlink from Dashboard to change different sensor parameters. I was thinking about adding an “address” in my payload so the sensor would know which parameter to change. The rest of the payload will be the new value of the parameter.

I’m able to send a simple downlink from dashboard with the input form widget. I would like to have a widget for each parameter of the sensor. So each widget would have its own fixed “address” to send to the analysis. I’m able to add another variable in my input form that would be the address of the parameter, but since this address will never change, I don’t want the user to have access to its value. How can I “hide” the value of the address to the user and stay fixed while the user of the dash board can change the value of the parameter? I know I can hide it with a condition in field configuration, but it has the effect to don’t send the address value to the analysis. May be there is a cleaner way to do this?

Thank you!

You do have a Field type called “Hidden”. It will be sent to your analysis as a fixed value.