Scope after header button click


I would like to send a PDF report to current RUN user with data taken from currently chosen device on blueprint dashboard.
I already know how to do something similar using Input Form, but now I need it to be done with widget header button. In Input Form I could find device ID in scope.origin, but when I run the analysis via header button the scope is empty.
How can I pass the current device ID to the analysis scope then?

Running an analysis directly through the Header button will not allow you to get this information. The better method is for you to use the Header button to call another widget, as the widgets does have this functionality.
If needed, you can create a TAB of type “hidden dashboard” and put widgets from header buttons in there.

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Thank you for the suggestion. I ended up hiding the Input Form widget in the hidden tab and calling it from the header button. It looks good enough.

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