Save/Send real time data to a database or storage

Hi everyone,

Just started using At the moment I am playing around with the bus simulator and wondering if I could save/send the data gathered in the bucket to a database or cloud storage.

If this is possible, how can I achieve that? Thank you

You can pull data from TagoIO using Restful API:

Getting Data - TagoIO

If you want to forward from TagoIO, you will need your own API that can accept https request. That can be done in both Action and Analysis, with the analysis giving you more freedom on how to perform the requests.

In the Analysis, there is a snippet code for how to perform GET requests, but you can easily change for POST etc…

Last option is to run the analysis in external. That way you keep the analysis running in your machine and can connect directly to your database.

Running Analysis as External using Node.JS - TagoIO

Thank you very much, I will try these.