Resize widgets on Mobile app

I am testing my dashboards in mobile devices (phones and tablets) and specially in tablets widgets are huge, making one card taking up almost the entire screen. Is there anyway to customize widget sizes and their positions just in the mobile app?


Hi @velo-energy,

Currently there is no way to customize widget sizes just for the mobile app. However, we just recently release a fairly substantial performance improvement for the Dashboards and we have it on our roadmap an update that will improve performance a bit more while also taking care of adding some extra features, such as better control over the Dashboard layout on mobile.

For the widget positions specifically there is a workaround, you need to clone all the widgets in the order you want them to be displayed in the mobile app and then you can delete the original ones, since the order of the widgets on mobile is based on the creation date.

Let me know if this helps you.


Hello @klausb,
Thank you for your kind reply. I attach an example mockup of what customization options I would like to see available regarding the mobile app. Let me know if something like this will be possible in the near future (2-3 months) please.

Note: This is just a random example for showing features like having various widgets at the same height, smaller resizing, etc…

Hi @velo-energy,

I can’t currently elaborate on the details or give an exact timeline for these improvements that we are going to be working on the next few months.
Dashboards and Widgets are some of the fundamental blocks on our platform and one of the features we are going to be working on aside from more performance improvements is making our Dashboards more mobile-friendly.

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Let me know if this helps you.
Phil Gutierre

Hi @phil.gutierre,
Thanks for the information! I am looking foward for this improvements!

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