Rename bucket variable

Hi everyone, just wondering if it’s possible to change the name of a variable within a bucket? I have a custom integration which I incorrectly stored a variable called “percent”, which should be “percent_full”. I would like to keep the data, but get the variable stored to match my other integrations…possible?

This may be a bit late, but from everything I’ve seen you cannot rename a variable. This might not be the best solution, but I would make a script with the SDK to pull a list of devices you need to rename the variable for, go through them one by one getting all data from “percent” and pushing it into “percent_full” in the same order. You could then delete “percent” after confirming that the data was copied correctly.

Thanks for the reply Andreas, I thought this might be a way to do it, was just hoping there might be a more elegant or simple solution! I am by no means a programmer, and scripting isn’t my forte. I really appreciate your time to assist in my query. Have a great day!