Refresh dynamic table after analysis run

Hi everyone, I’ve created a dashboard to allow a client to modify two device items, namely “name” and a parameter called “offset”. Here is a screenshot of the dashboard.

When I select the filters for the blueprint, then press the “load data” button, the dynamic table populates.
The analysis deletes the previous data when the analysis runs, but the dynamic table simply adds the new device details, and there are then two in the table. Is there a way to get the table to refresh to only show the newly selected device?
If I hit refresh for the page through the browser, it refreshes correctly, but that could be problematic through the RUN app…

Thanks in advance. Andrew.

Hi @sevils,

Thanks for contacting us! For the delete action to trigger an update on other widgets without refreshing the page we need to propagate the delete event on our real-time service, which is currently not implemented. This feature is in our roadmap and being worked on by the Core team, I will let you know as soon as it’s released.

Let me know if this helps you.