Recent Billing Changes - Long Term Outages Prevention


Thanks to the new billing changes, when monthly limits are reached, there is a loss of service for the rest of the month. This now means we can’t present any data until the following month.

Every now and then, when testing a new device, we hit our hourly limits, which was fine as you simply wait for the hour to pass, disable the sensor and reconfigure it. Now, we don’t know that the limit has been hit until it’s wiped us out for the entire month.

Is there a way to bypass this by triggering an action based on the number of data inputs in an hour, like we had before?

What we’re hoping to achieve is:

When 90% of (Monthly Limit/Hours in Month) is reached, disable all devices.
Re-enable after 1 hour.

This would help us bypass the issue in the meantime.

[Tago Support are being extremely helpful in direct contact regarding the limits]

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I’m also concerned about this change in billing policy. It would be good to understand the options when we do run in limit issues using the new method.

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Currently, we have in progress a snippet for auto-scaling code on analysis, so you can have more control over it.

Regarding blocking devices from receiving data it seems harder to do currently. You can disable devices, but it would also disable data output from them and will make dashboards that use the devices to not work anymore.
A way to make it work is to have a payload parser in the devices that would set the payload to an empty array if you have some flags in your Configuration Parameters. Then you can setup an analysis to set the flag on all devices when the data input reaches 90%.

TagoIO does have functions in the analysis SDK for you to get your current data input and limit:

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Thanks for this Vitor, we’ll take a look into this. :slight_smile: