Receive notifications between timed events

Hi There.

Is it possible to get a notification when the time duration between one event happening and another takes longer than 20 minutes for example? E.g. we are monitoring a boiler for vibration events, an event occurs at 9am but the next event does not occur for another 30 minutes. Can we send a notification if the time between events occurring is longer than 20 minutes in duration?


Hi Mark,
Yes, you can do that using Analysis.

What need to do is create an analysis, enter any name you prefer and select Node.JS. Under the snippets/examples option, you can select “Device Offline Alert”.

The first lines of the analysis is documented with guidelines on how to use this snippet.
Basically what this snippet does is to check the “Last Input” of the device and send out an sms or email if given device doesn’t sent data in a specified period.

Remember to also create a schedule action to run this analysis every 10 minutes.

After you get this running properly, you can check the analysis and apply some changes. For example, you can check if a specific variable wasn’t sent, instead of checking the Last Input.

Hi Vitor,

Thanks for the update. That seems to work perfectly. If there are any issues I might get in touch again.