RadioBridge And Dingtek Sensors

Has anyone fully integrated RadioBridge and Dingtek sensors? They have support for the Dingtek waste bin sensor but im specifically looking for the ultrasonic liquid level and car park sensors.


Hi @dburtonbds,

I didn’t do an integration using RadioBridge and Dingtek, but I do know that to do the integration with Dingtek you can use the same default configuration for Everynet.

If you go on Devices> add device> select LoRaWAN Everynet, you will find it, as you can see on the image below:

I’m sending the documentation link to Everynet because I think this may help you.

Everynet LoRaWAN

I hope this may help you! :v:t3:

I tried using the TTN connector but it didnt work. Will everynet give different results?

Hi @dburtonbds, that is weird. I am aware of developers using exactly the same sensor. Are you not getting any data in your account? You can use the LIVE INSPECTOR tab to see if data is coming.
Can you share your configuration at TTN where you added the Authorization ? (please hide all sensitive information). Let’s see how we can help you.

To be clear, thought i mentioned this but apparently i didnt, im trying to setup the Ultrasonic Sensor from Dingtek. Thought i had put this in my original posting.

Yes, I understood that. To see data arriving in your account doesn’t matter which sensor you use. As long as the sensor sends data through TTN in this case, you added the Authorization there, and created the device at TagoIO, it should work.

Yes im getting data, but it doesnt make any sense

Is the data been parsed? Can you see data in your data bucket, such as: distance, or other variable that the sensor should be sending? The parser should be doing this job.

yes. Battery, distance and about 20 other variables in there

@dburtonbds Did it work? You are getting the variables, are they showing the correct values?

No the values arent correct.

I have the payload document. Could this be used to create a decoder?

Id like very much to get this sensor working 100%

Having similar issues with the wastebin sensor as well.

Hi @dburtonbds I talked to another developer that added the same sensor from Dingtek and he confirmed that everything was working without issue. We can dig on the problem, as it can be the sensors /configuration it itself, not sure.
If you open a ticket, ask for an 1-to-1 meeting, and someone will go over the details with you.