Python + Multiple CSV files + Mobile Dashboard


I am evaluating some application and this is what I need:

  1. Have multiple csv files on the cloud (under GDrive), let’s say, one file every 3 days of data acquisition.
  2. Script running unde Tago engine/cloud capable of indexing those files automatically, like spanning within a GDrive folder.
  3. Run a custom script on Android that adapts according to the user entries.

Is that feasible? Do we have a sample on how to do it?

Hello @eng.campos,

About your questions:
1 and 2 - Yes, TagoIO analysis does support Node.JS with npm packages. That means that we do support using Google API for Node.js and you can do anything that Google supports through their API. We do have several customers that use google drive spreadsheet without any issue.

3 - The scripts run at TagoIO and can collect user inputs. You can give your users access to a dashboard and collect the inputs from an Input Widget in order to run your analysis.

  1. and 2. shall run on Python. Is it feasible?

Hi @eng.campos,
It can run with Python, but not as easy as NodeJS. That because TagoIO support external libraries on NodeJS, which is not available on our python environment.