Push notifications to Run users on Android phone

I’m doing some tests with the action “push notifications to Run Users” on my Android device, I get the notification on the status bar with the message I set on actions settings, but the notification doesn’t make any sound on the phone.
I can’t find anything wrong in my phone notification settings.
In the TagoRun app the only related setting I have is enable/disable push notifications.
Is there a way to enable sound for the push notifications on Android devices?

I think also would be useful to be able to select the sound that will be reproduced when the phone receive the push notification based on some parameter coming from the action configured on Tago platform, such as a tag or variable. That way, you can for example, push a notification with different sound when something is very wrong to get user’s immediate attention.
May be useful on the web dashboard too.

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Hello @andersonv,
Currently, allowing custom sounds to be played on new notifications is not something that is in our roadmap.

But we’ve released a new version for Android that will allow push notifications to have the default system sound on the TagoRun app. To receive the new version, close the app completely and reopen it again.

Before testing the notifications, make sure your android allows the TagoRun app to use sounds on push notifications. This option is usually inside of the app’s configuration.

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Hello @benachio
I tested and it’s working fine.
Thanks for the help!

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