Problems with whitelabeling


We are encountering several problems with whitelabel - although we have Tago RUN connected with our own domain, domain still appears in multiple places visible to the user:

  1. When fullscreen mode is launched in Mozilla Firefox, it shows “ is running in fullscreen now” banner. This happens only if the fullscreen is toggled with the interface button; with F11 everything is okay
  2. When the page needs a bit more time to load (ex. slower internet connection) it shows links in the bottom left of the browser
  3. When opening an emailed PDF report directly in the browser, the URL bar displays tago-core AWS links

Hi @fssolution,
I believe we can do something about the issue 1 and 2 that you’re experiencing. I will open those issues on TagoIO side so we can verify and get back to you once I have a response.

For the issue 3 is hardier, as it the TagoIO Files link is only on API side, which means TagoIO can’t easily whitelabel it.


We have found one more problem - Tago appears in several places in Dev Tools as well:

Hi @fssolution,
TagoIO can’t currently whitelabel API calls. It is expected to see in the dev tools, which is not commonly used by end-users.

I believe you can get better response than mine if you move to a support ticket:

please inform about issues No. 1 and 2 from 18 JUL
as on 19 JUL you wrote you will come back to us.

Are they solved?

Hi @ms1,
I just got some updates from the front-end team, and here are the responses from them:

  1. It does seem a problem only noticed on Mozzile Firefox. It can’t be fixed as widgets currently run in embed mode.

  2. Same as 1, we can’t fix that currently because of the widgets running in embed.