Possible for customers to set alerts for "their" devices

Hi, I’m wondering if it’s possible for a user or customer to set his/her own alerts to save me having to create them for them every time they may want to make a change? This would be for a device such as a channel lever sensor, where they might want to set an alert when the level gets too high. If they move the device, they might want to adjust the alert level.

Hey @sevils,
I think the best way to create custom alerts for your users would be to use an Analysis and generate an Action for each alert that you want to send. In the Action, you would specify the “Send notification” type in order to send an alert to your customer’s phone.

In your analysis you would use our API to generate, delete and edit custom Actions based on the input of your customers. If you customer is trying to create a new alert you would create a new Action using our API, and if your customer is trying to change the alert level you would edit the Action.

Here is the overview for our Analysis’ sytem: https://docs.tago.io/en/articles/29-analysis-overview

Let me know if this is helpful or if you have any other questions!