Plotting metadata x and y

Hi. I wanted to plot metadata x and y on charts. However, it did not have metadata option, only variables. Is it possible thou?

Do you mean using the metadata.x or metadata.y as the value? if so, yes.

First, head over to the chart configuration -> Formula and enable the formula for the variable you want to acquire the metadata from. Then, in the Formula Output field, specify which field from the metadata you want to show in the chart. In the example below, notice how i set the METADATA.x to be shown by specifying it in the output field:

You can do the same with the metadata.y field, all you need to do is specify the METADATA.y as the formula output.

Below I have included an example of the data structure you should send to make the configuration above work.

    "variable": "my_variable",
    "value": 7,
    "metadata": {
      "x": 20,
      "y": 25,

In this structure above the value property won’t really be used, only the metadata.x or metadata.y.

Is this what you wanted? I wasn’t 100% sure. If it isn’t feel free to reply to this post.

All the best,