Places a dot on the map at the current time as you mouse over other panels

Is there a way to do like you can with TrackMap on Grafana?
With just hundreds of dots on a map without a connection to the other panels it’s very confusing.
The leaflet configuration would be also more user friendly when there’s a mouse-over instead of a click popup.

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Hi Phil

After a couple of days using the map in your solution I must say it’s not very useful like it is now. It would be EVRY easy for you guys to multiple the ux, everything is there, that’s some line of code within the given functionality.

Check the trackmap with Grafana (Marking the dots when mouseover the other panels, let the user choose the time frame.



Ey @probolt,

Thanks for the suggestion, sure I’ll take a look into this, we appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us through our Support System if more suggestions come up. You can open a suggestion ticket by accessing your Admin Page > Support.

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