Payload- Bucket - raw Json

I have one Gateway MQTT that does the reading of some BLE devices.
When I see the live Inspector the message received in is:
“TimeStamp”: “2021-05-22 10:57:35”,
“DeviceMac(hex)”: “68B9D3D19438”,
“DataFormat”: “BeaconX Pro-3Axis”,
“BLEMac(hex)”: “C5797398AE42”,
“RSSI(dBm)”: -53,
“Datarate(Hz)”: 1,
“Scale”: “2g”,
“3axisdata-X(hex)”: “0100”,
“3axisdata-Y(hex)”: “FF40”,
“3axisdata-Z(hex)”: “3FC0”,
“RSSI@0m(dBm)”: 0,
“TxPower(dBm)”: 0,
“AdvInterval(ms)”: 1000

I would like to classify these values as variables of the “object” defined by the mac address. I tried to do this via Parser but I was not successful, would anyone have an idea?

Would be good if you can copy paste your Live Inspector content, and also your payload parser decoder so we can check what need to be fixed.