Parser for GPS tracking device in Helium network

We are seeking a solution to reduce the # of input variables for GPS trackers used in the Helium network.
The amount of variables is huge, especially in Helium.

So where do you even start with the ignore_vars in the custom parser?

We collected almost 600 variables in a couple of weeks?!

Any advice would be highly appreciated.


Hi Vincent,
I understand your problem. You can just add the following code to your device payload parser:

payload = payload.filter((data) => !data.variable.includes('hotspot'))

This will filter all data which contains hotspot in the variable. You can repeat the line with different variables if you want to.

I’ll also check how we can minimize this problem so you don’t need to handle that in the payload parser, but it can take some weeks before we can deploy a solution.

Thanks Vitor! I appreciate your response.