Ordering data by serie on chart is not working


I am receiving temperature data from a sensor as follows:

{“variable”: “eventDate”,“value”: “2021-10-18 09:31:00”},
{“variable”: “tempSup”,“value”: “-4.20”,“unit”: “°C”},
{“variable”: “tempRet”,“value”: “-0.44”,“unit”: “°C”},
{“variable”: “tempStp”,“value”: “-2.00”,“unit”: “°C”},

Data is not always received in chronological order, due to the implementation of a LiFo stack, so I’m using eventDate as series in payload parse, in EPOCH format as timestamp

When I’m going to plot this data on the graph, I select “Group data by Time” and “Order data by series”, but the graph is presented considering the order of arrival of information in Tago, ignoring the ascending order of the series.

Is there another way to implement this ordering, in a simple way?

I managed to solve it using this other topic as a source: TagoIO Data Structure Details

I’m updating the JSON Time field with my timestamp, and everything is in order :smiley:.