One device, multiple device types

Hi everyone, I have a number of devices, which are listed as different device_type key tag. However, I have some devices that I need to have more than one device tag.
For example, I have pressure transducers that can be a tank_level, storage_level, trough_level, non_linear_storage etc…but a few of the devices can be both a storage_level AND a non_linear_storage.
Is it possible to have two tags for a device_type key? They would need to trigger a different analysis each and show in different dashboards based on the device_type.
It seems to me that it accepts the device_type, but doesn’t trigger the second one.
If this is indeed the case, is there a workaround? Happy to provide an example if it helps.
Thanks, Andrew.

Hi @sevils,

You can set one or more than two tags using the same key and value.

Ok, thanks Eger, I’ll do more testing, I must have done something wrong with my setup. Thanks for the reply.