Non-location variables in the Infobox of the Map widget (new Normal Dashboard)


I’ve multiple sensors which I want to show on the map widget. Besides the ‘location’ variable each sensor has further variables like ‘pressure’, ‘battery status’ and so on. Some of these variable should be shown in the Infobox.
Unfortunately I do not find a way to configure the map widget properly. If I setup additional variables in the “Data from” section, these variables are interpreted as locations too. I have searched in the forum, but only found solutions for the old Dashboard GUI, where you could configure how each variable should appear (see here).

Do I miss something or has the new Dashboard GUI some limitations?

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I believe that the logic for the variables to show up in the same infobox is that the data between the variables must have the same serie.

[{ variable: ‘temperature’, value: 19, unit: ‘C’, serie: ‘4444444’}, { variable: ‘location’, location: { lat: -1, lng: 1 }}]

If both data has the same location property, it should work as well.

Maybe, but it should work without that series concept as well.
The location variable was created manually in the device configuration page (tab “More”), so this variable will not be updated any more (it’s a stationary sensor). All other device data are received by uplink messages.

My problem is, that the map widget settings of the new Dashboard GUI does not have an equivalent to the “Infobox Configuration” page like in the old Dashboard GUI (as you can see here). At least I can’t find such settings.

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I have the same situation here, to solve de problem quickly I did a custom parser to add the property location in all variables of the device, after that I added all variables and all devices in map, but is much work to do that, imagine if I have 100, 1000, 10000 devices.

Looking for solution, I found the way with Analysis, in a blueprint dashboard, I create a dummy device that is populate via Analysis, searching specific devices with specific tags. My work is following this tread (Show Map Icons Depending on User Acess), but I have found a error in script and I am waiting for a answer, you can see my problem there.

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more details about the error here: API request limitations

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Thanks for your feedback!
I’ve filed a feedback report to the support team and will report here as soon as I get an answer.

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Can you take a screenshot of your Map widget settings and the data that is stored in your device’s bucket?

This is the way you need to setup the widget to group different variables by serie.

Here is the data stored in the bucket, for the variables location and temperature:

And here is how it is displayed in the Map Widget:

Are you doing the same thing, or trying something different? Let me know

The location variable does not have a “serie” item, because it’s created manually in the WebGUI (the sensor does not have GPS). Every uplink message of course have another “serie” value - so this concept does not work for me. Maybe it’s possible to add the location variable to every incoming message by any hook (payload parser, analysis?), but why so complicated?! As far as I know it was not necessary in the old Dashboard.

hi @devel,

In this case you will need to update your location variable for each data sent.

I recommend you edit your device payload parser. Insert the following code in the final of your payload parser (last lines).

const serie = payload[0].serie;
  variable: 'location',
  value: 'your_value e.g: Device #1',
  location: { lat: 10.0000, lng: 20.0000 },

hi eger,

your solution works. Thanks a lot!

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