No True/False formula on Table Widget?


I am trying to add this formula to the some variable on a table: $VALUE$ == 1 ? “True”: “False”

But it doesn’t seem to work, I have tested this on card widget and the formula works fine. Does the table widget need a different formula for True/False or is it not possible to do?

If it’s not then I can just add the alarms as True/False from the decoder.

I have this table with screenshots for more info:


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Hi @n.kyriakou,

Thanks for reporting this issue! It does seem to be a problem in the Static Table widget. Can you show me the Data from section from both of the fields as well?


I have opened an internal ticket to work on this issue, so information from which variables you are using will help us to guarantee this does not happen again. I have managed to reproduce the issue using the same variable in two different cells with different formulas, but if I use different variables with different formulas it works correctly.

Hello @klausb,

The variables in the cells are different:

The variable on the card is the same as the one with the formula that does not work on the table:

Hi @n.kyriakou,

Thanks for the detailed information from the widgets, those screenshots will help us pinpoint the problem. I’ll keep you posted, but it should come out on one of our next releases in the coming week.

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Hi, guys!

I have the same issue in static table, has any update about it?

Hi @julihermes.melo!

We identified what is causing the problem, and now we will work on a fix, and it will be released in the future updates.

I’ll update the post when we release a fix.

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Hi @n.kyriakou and @julihermes.melo,

We have deployed a fix for this issue with formulas in the Static Table widget, can you confirm your widgets are working properly now?