New billing plan - big reduction after conversion to monthly count

Hi there,

Could I please ask to clarify changed billing strategy in more details.

As you pointed out in Changes on how some services are billed - TagoIO, metrics will benefit users, but for basic subscription, previous Data Input limit was 7 000/h, which is around 5 000 000/mo.

But after changes in billing, we got only 1 000 000 / month for data input? 5x reduction?

Similar is for Data Output. 18 000 000 to 3 000 000?

Regarding Analysis, we are still not able to evaluate impact until statistic is back online. But it looks like we will have some reduction here also.

It looks like prices are up, and not by some small percentage.

Any comments?

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Hi @Branek . One big benefit is that the peak limit has been removed and many time customers have applications that only send data a few times a days. So paying by month consumption is much better. Other situations involved to download a lot of data in a short period by not frequently. Also, the cost of storage has been reduced more than 30%.

For current customers, if there is specific situation that got disadvantageous for them we will address to make sure it will not cost more. We will cover.

There are so many different types of applications, we tried to cover most of them, but we know it is not perfect.

If there is any specific situation for you, we will be glad to help you. Contact us directly

Thanks for your comments!


Data input: 7000 * 24 * 30 = 5040000 / month

Pricing = $39


Data input: 1.000.000 / 30 / 24 = 1388/h

Pricing = $39

The account does not close

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Dear @fabioer,

We really appreciate you are willing to communicate about this. Our potential customer is searching for a platform to support his use case, and we done whole expenses projection for Tago few weeks ago. Now, we need to recalculate. :slight_smile:

Beside use cases you mentioned, there is a use case where you have a lot of data in one burst, but frequently, than you run analysis on each burst, and store just small amount of results data in storage. That is how we get triggered with Data Input.

Thank you again for your response, we will be in contact.


Hi @douglaszuqueto not sure where you got this information from, but today for 1,000,000 of data inputs per month is Free.
Let me know where you got the $39, so we may need to fix.
Thanks for helping us to clarify this.

Hi @Branek thanks for your comments and sorry for the ‘recalculation’ task, it was not our intention. Again, we are trying to make this a good business for all looking forward. We are happy to hear comments and even complaints :slight_smile:

Hi @fabioer

I buy a profile for each of my clients, so I base it on $39(discounted).

Cost per device: $39/100 = $0.39
Data input: 1 device * 10 variables * 6 (ships per hour) * 24 * 30

That would give a total of 43200 entries per device, totaling 4,320,000. In other words, the old business model met this demand.

This is more or less how I calculate to know the base price per device, as well as the proper shipping interval.

Anyway, I will recalculate consumption based on this new business model.

Note: I’m not considering storage, my use case is similar to friend Branko’s.

Thank you for your support :rocket:

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