Negative Values Widget

I am sending distance values from LDDS75 in a right way to TTN.
That value (always positive) are been sending to TagoIO in a right way.
I have created an “Cylinder Widget” (or grain bin) to see the distance in Dashboard.
Curiosly the “cylinder” show me the distance, but in Negative Values.
I have tried to use “Formula” to bring to real value without success.
What I can do to correct it.???
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I’m not aware of Cylinder changing a value to negative for no reason.

Did you check the Live Inspector on your device at TagoIO, to see if your sensor is really not sending the information with negative value?
Also, check if the value is a number instead of a string. String does have quotation marks around it. If it’s a number you can use the formula in the widget such as $VALUE$ * -1

Hi Vitor, so thank you for quickly answer.
Look at my attached files, all value it is “positive”
I tried 3 different payload, all same result. ¿?

I can be possible this because I am “Starter Plan” now ???

The issue is that your value is of type “String”. You need to convert it to Number to remove those quotations marks around the value.

If you’re using a decoder, go to the code and cast the value to number such as:

This is better described in this tutorial, on the section “Common Mistakes”: How to build a LoRaWAN/Sigfox Payload Parser

Hi Vítor:
I solved by myself.
The mistake are given by Dragino Payload.
For LDDS75-8 must be :
Line 8 if(len==8)
and NOT (len ==5) as at Dragino Download code.
It is working very well now!!
Thank you for your answer.

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