NB-IoT device connecting using UDP

Hi All - great support so far in this community, thanks!

So I have a NB device and have it successfully using MQTT to upload to Tago.io. The problem I have is the MQTT connection seems very unreliable with regular failures and often consecutive failures prompting me to reset the device. As is, I’m not confident to deploy these devices into the field.

I’m wondering if I can connect using the device default of UDP? Or maybe coAP? My understanding is I’d need a network and connector (which I’ve created) but I don’t understand how I configure the device’s firmware to connect.

Device doco is here: https://www.dragino.com/downloads/downloads/NB-IoT/NSE01/NSE01%20NB-IoT%20Soil%20Moisture%20%26%20EC%20Sensor%20User%20Manual_V1.0.0.pdf

The MQTT firmware settings allowed me to enter a token but UDP only asks for UDP Server and Port. What should I enter here?


In order to use an UDP server with TagoIO, you would need to make and host your own UDP server.

Here is a guide on how to create one using Node.JS:
How to create your own Network to integrate with TagoIO - How to - TagoIO Community

Thanks Vitor. Seems like another rabbit hole of tech I’m probably going to struggle with lol.

If I step back, is there a reason qhy the MQTT connection is so unreliable?

Here’s a typical output from my terminal when the device wakes up to send data:
NSE01 NB-IOT Soil Moisture & EC Sensor
Image Version: v1.0.0
NB-IoT Stack : D-BC95-002
Protocol in Used: MQTT
[8316]NBIOT has responded.
[9354]Echo mode turned off successfully.
[10442]The IMEI number is:868411056759764.
[11523]The IMSI number is:505013535346199.
[13672]Turn on PSM mode successfully.
Currently set frequency band:28
[15806]Signal Strength:13
[20540]Upload start:0
[25576]remaining battery =3231 mv
HEX:fe 03 06 00 d2 06 7b 00 10 ad ce
[37997]Failed to open the MQTT client network
[41548]Close ACK not received…
[44084]Close ACK not received…
[44120]Failed to close the port
[45156]End of upload

Sometimes it’s fine for several connections after a power cycle then it seems to fail repeatedly. Other times a full power cycle makes no difference. I don’t believe it’s an issue with the device or the network connection, more that the Tago server isn’t responding for some reason.


Hi Rob,
It seems we already solved that by ticket system, as it seems that you resetting the device fixed the issue, let me know if you have additional questions.

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