Multiple Variables as vertical columns


I would like to make a widget showing multiple variables as vertical columns that would show the last data taken. Something like this:

Is it possible?

Side question, is it possible to have more than 15 variables in a graph?

Hi @ovalknight,
You can use the Vertical column chart widget to display the values from the variables that you want.
By the way, you can add your variables by code or by adding in the widget.
The maximum of variables that you can add in the widget is fifteen variables. However, you can create as many variables as you want by managing the JSON.

In the image below I added 15 variables in the widget:


I saw the vertical column chart but I don’t want them to be plotted in time I just want the last data given for each variable for visualization and that’s what I’m trying to figure out.

Where is the option to manage the JSON?

hi @ovalknight,

You can create/edit/remove your devices/dashboards/widgets using the TagoIO SDK in JavaScript. Here is the documentation to do it:

For my question regarding the columns, is it possible to do what I asked before? Say instead of time I have a variable array of numbers(e.g array[1,2,3,4…20]) and use those as the object and then denote the position of each variable to that array(e.g var1 to array[1],var2 to array[2]). Or do I need to make the changes by code?

Also for the SDK, for what I am trying to do, I need the TagoPlatform to run internally. Is the SDK only used to initialize the settings for my platform and then just continue using the site as normal or will I have to run it externally every time I need to use Tago?

hi @ovalknight,

You can change the variable array using the front-end (editing widget) or by SDK.

SDK is used to you create/edit/remove things in an automated way.

Ok, I’m going to use some visual clarity to make my question clearer. Lets remove the SDK part of the question for clarity’s sake and focus solely on the task of visualization.

For instance I have this column widget:

What I want is for it to not be plotting in time but having each variable represented only once like I originally showed above:

By the way I have tried the “Maximum number of points to be displayed” to be on 1 and it shows me nothing, while if I put it on 2 it gives me 2 points:

1 point:

2 points:

I am not sure if this is a bug or a mistake on my end. If it is a bug and it was supposed to display the last point of data then I could use that and my problem would be solved.

Anyway moving on.

So going by the image on the widget lets say the last data given was from delta9 and delta7, the other deltas are empty so it would look something like this: