Moving devices from TTN to Helium

Hi, we have some devices that need to be moved from TTN to Helium.
How can we do that without breaking dashboards, analytics, actions etc…
So basically changing the connector of the device right?


The only way you can do that, currently, is using the Restful API or the Analysis.

You will need to delete the token of your device, then use the restful API for the EDIT Device route to change the network and connector (you always need to send both in order to change).

The JSON should be like this:

"network": "5bbd0d144051a50034cd19fb",
"connector": "5f5a8f3351d4db99c40dece5"

Then you can re-create the token with your serial number.

In order to get the ID’s for network and connector, check the following screenshot with instructions:

Wow thanks Vitor, I would have never figured that out by myself.
I will give it a try.


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