More than one filter in blueprint

I have a number of clients, with a number of devices. Sometimes these devices will have the same name. For example two clients may have a sensor named “storage 1”. I need to create access for another client who is a consultant for both clients to look at these sensors. The problem is the dropdown list will show two devices with the name “storage 1”, and he will have no idea which clients it is.
Is it possible to setup another filter by client, then the device? He could then select which client he wants to look at, then select the filtered device?
Something like this…

hey @sevils,
Yes! totally doable.


To achieve this, you need this configuration (or a similar one) in your blueprint dashboard:

The trick is to use the “filter” option in your blueprint device:

And then associate the “alias” field with the client field by using tag match:

After you configure your dashboard to be like this, you need to associate the correct tags to your devices. In this example, my devices look like this:

Basically what I’m doing is selecting all devices with a is_client tag to be on the first selector, and selecting all devices with a is_alias tag to be on the second selector. After that, I use a client_id tag on both the aliases and the clients to link them:

Alias 1 belongs to client_id = 1
Alias 2 belongs to client_id = 1
Alias 3 belongs to client_id = 2

Client 1 has client_id = 1
Client 2 has client_id = 2

Hope this was useful!

Let me know if you have any other questions,

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