Map widget overview

Map widget

The Map widget is a great tool for viewing location, distance, routes, and track history. With so much potential, any application using devices with dynamic localization should have a map to improve user interaction with the application and enhance the user experience. In this post we will cover how you can use maps to improve your application, with a practical example and a focus on the widget overview.

Map overview

If you have seen the Map widget, you probably noticed the amount of options in the settings as well as in the widget itself. These options are designed to provide the most versatile widget possible and are used to shape the widget to what you need. For example, you might have an application with geofences, router, pin configuration and several other features. In this post however, we will have an overview of the widget, the features will be covered in more detail individually in future posts. Now, let’s check out an example map with geofences and see what we have from the user options.

Those are the options that appear for the final user on your application (if you are not working with geofence, the create/delete/edit geofences options will not appear). Your main concern with the map (in addition to your application working correctly with the map) is the customization of your map, customizing the pins, infobox, making the user dynamic and using the features that make the most sense for your application. For example, in the map above geofences are used to notify users when the asset arrives or leaves a particular geofence. Study the options, check what suits your application, and implement the features you have selected! Let’s check what you can do in the configurations:

With the tips, definitions and insights provided in this text you can now test the map widget and try to implement it in your application. More details about features like formula, geofences and router will be seen in individual posts. If you have any difficulty or questions about the map widget, please leave your answer in this post and I will be happy to help you! :grinning: