Map Icon Link to Specific Dashboard tab


I have a map widgets with some devices each device also has a link for it’s respective dashboard.

Some of the dashboards are separated in tabs but since the URL link for the tabs is the same, it will always link to the first tab regardless if I modify the URL.

I have thought of having the tabs link to other dashboards as a possible solution but at that point there is no point to having tabs.

Is it possible to have the link point to a different tab or does it have to be done programmatically?

Hello @ovalknight.

You can add at the end of the URL this query parameter ?tab=index. The index value is the tabs’ numerical order starting from 0.

For example, if I have this dashboard bellow, and I want to create a link to the “Fifth Tab”, I would add at the end of the Dashboard’s URL ?tab=4

  • For the “First Tab” it would be ?tab=0
  • For the “Second Tab” it would be ?tab=1
  • For the “Third Tab” it would be ?tab=2.
  • For the “Fourth Tab” it would be ?tab=3
  • And so on …

One thing to consider is the case when your URL already has a ?, like in your picture, instead of use ? you should add &. In your case is the link to access Multiaction’s tab, just replace the ... for the proper information.

Try on with this URL and check it out if it will work for you.



Yeah this worked.

Thanks alot.

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