LT33222L I/O controller

I have LT3322L I/O controller how i can send payload massage to the device.

Hello @almuzayyen,

You can create a device using this connector model Dragino LT-33222-L, this is for Everynet.

I need to know which networking you are using, so I could help you more.

Can you tell me which networking you are using?

Dear Aline
Thanks for your replay , I created LT33222L device in Tago and i use the thinks network (TTN)

Hi @almuzayyen,

I’m sending you the TTN link, so you can follow it to configure your gateway and after setting up your device.

@almuzayyen after you add your gateway through TTN as Aline shown above, you just need to add the Device from the list to your account. The parser should be included in the device, you can add yours on top of it if needed.

Thanks guys for help

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