Live inspector not showing data

Hi everyone, I’m coming across an issue where the live inspector is not showing data being passed from the ttn (v3), yet the bucket is accepting data and the dashboard also shows the result…
Here is a screenshot of the dynamic table showing the data…

And here is the bucket for that device

Any thoughts as to why the live inspector isn’t picking this up from the tti? I obviously have the device open, live inspector playing…

hi @sevils,

Here the live inspector is working normally. Make sure that you are seeing the live inspector of the right device that is receiving data from TTN.

Can you try to show some data in your live inspector now?
1- Select one device;
2- Go to live to inspect and play button;
3- Go to Emulator and simulate a test data (tab beside);
4- Check your live inspector;

If it does not work, please send a PrintScreen here.